I do some writing, teaching and board game design, along with a bit of light yard work. 

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PAX Unplugged Rising Showcase

We were recently selected as part of PAX Unplugged's Rising Showcase, where we showed off our game, Shapely.

Maroon Games

Matt + Arun = Maroon Games. Check out our website or Facebook page to learn more about our games.

Postcards from the testing table

It's a good mail day! Picture Postcards made the finals for the 2023 Board Game Workshop design contest. More news to come! 

We tested our new design, Postcards, at Granite Games Summit and Unpub, among other venues. Check out our video, or we've got a TTS mod if you'd like to try it remotely.

Selected work

Selected articles of mine from the Valley News. I also write for Daybreak and Dartmouth's Office of Communications.

Apparently, this is what I look like when teaching at Colby-Sawyer College.

Here's an overview of Shapely, a game I'm working on with a friend. Shapely won the Board Game Workshop's Design Contest and was selected for PAX Unplugged's Rising Showcase!

Here's a lecture I gave about modern board games and some design principles. 


Review of Penny Press, a board game I co-designed.

I write a little fiction when I have the time. GRIMM DIAGNOSIS is my latest project.

Reach out at mattgolec (at) gmail, or find me on Twitter @mattgowrite