I do some writing, teaching, board game design, a bit of light yard work, and traveling when and where I can.

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PAX Unplugged Rising Showcase

We were recently selected as part of PAX Unplugged's Rising Showcase, where we showed off our game, Shapely.

Maroon Games

Matt + Arun = Maroon Games. Check out our website or Facebook page to learn more about our games.

Selected work

Selected articles of mine from the Valley News. I also write for Dartmouth Comminications.

Appartently, this is what I look like when teaching at Colby-Sawyer College.

Here's an overview of Shapely, a new game I'm working on with a friend. Shapely won the Board Game Workshop's Design Contest and was selected for PAX Unplugged's Rising Showcase!

Here's a lecture I gave about modern board games and some design principles.

Review of Penny Press, a board game I co-designed.

I write a little fiction when I have the time. GRIMM DIAGNOSIS is my latest project.

Reach out at mattgolec (at) gmail, or find me on Twitter @mattgowrite